I am currently in education for becoming a psychodramatic psychotherapist at the Center for Psychodrama. I lead individual therapeutic and counselling sessions, in person and online.

Psychotherapy is a safe space for exploring one's own problems and potentials, insecurities and strenghts. The therapeutic relationship is a unique form of self-care that allows us to exploreour inner world, thoughts and feelings in a new way in order to slowly start to transform them and harmonize them with our true needs.

Contemporary life leaves little space for contact with ourselves, and individual psychotherapy offers us exactly that kind of contact.


Contact:, 091 27 25 805

I am currently in education for becoming a psychodramatic psychotherapist at the Center for Psychodrama. I lead a regular weekly psychodramatic psychotherapeutic group "Look Inside Yourself".

A therapy group is the right place for people who wish to develop their inner resources and strenghts, empathy towards themselves and others, but also better understanding of their psychological processes. A therapy group is the perfect spot for creating a unique contact with ourselves that enables us to live more freely and to develop healthier interpersonal relationships.

Through joint work in a therapeutic group together we learn how to better carry our emotions and challenges, how to create authentic relationships and set boundaries, how to express our needs and understand the backdrop of our thoughts and behaviours better.

Cijena mjesečnog sudjelovanja u grupi je 67 eura (504.81 kuna). Susreti se održavaju se u Plesnom boravku, Getaldićeva 8 in Zagreb. Before joining the group future participants have to make an entry interview with the group leader that isn't binding and that is not charged.

Psychodrama is a for of psychotherapy that uses action methods metode to enact the inner world of a person, as well as their interpersonal relations and emotions. Compared to other forms of psychotherapy it is unique because, although it also uses speech, its main tool is experiential aspects of specific processes. Encouraging participants to explore problems, questions and doubts on a "stage", psychodrama activates the person both cognitively, emotionally, psychically and behaviourally and thus has a holistic approach to every individual.

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