about me

foto: Mate Ugrin

Jasna Jasna Žmak works as dramaturg, writer, researcher and psychodramatic psychotherapist under supervision. She is associate professor at the dramaturgy department at the Academy of Dramatic Art of the University of Zagreb where she has previously graduated. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in Zagreb. She is author of several books, film scripts, critical texts and short stories. As dramaturg, she has collaborated on several performance and film projects. She is currently in training for becoming a psychodramatic psychotherapist and she holds individual and group psychotherapeutic sessions under supervision and regularly holds psychodramatic workshops. She has organized several workshops dealing with topics of writing, dramaturgy and/or feminism. She was the president of SPID - Croatian Screenwriters and Playwrights Guild.

contact: jasnazmak@gmail.com